Dennis Bergkamp
Dennis Bergkamp

Dennis Bergkamp

Exclusive note

€ 24,95

You Get:

A real world asset

Proof of ownership

A collectors item

Blockchain efficient

This Note is not recognized as an official currency and, therefore, cannot be exchanged in stores.

Dennis Bergkamp is a global phenomenon who has inspired and delighted millions of football fans. This banknote is a celebration of his legacy and a lasting reminder of his contribution in sports history.

The banknote will therefore be developed with the very highest standard in the field of securities incorporating all iconic security features, adding to the thrill of a real banknote.

Each note will have a unique numbering approved by and stored in the European Securities Database. This will allow us to see worldwide where the notes and fans are as soon as they activate their banknote.


This package includes:


  • The Dennis Bergkamp note: This banknote is made with craftmanship and is a genuine banknote. It's not a ordinary piece of paper, it also gives you acces to the Dennis Bergkamp experience.
  • Sleeve: Your banknote deserves the best protection, and we've got you covered. Our sleeve ensures that your banknote remains in perfect condition.
  • Certificate of Authenticity: Every banknote in this collection is a work of art, and our certificate of authenticity guarantees its genuine origin and value. It's certifying your ownership of a piece of art!
  • Mintcard: Collecting the digital twin of the banknote with the included mintcard. The public-ID on the mintcard also allows you access to the Augmented Reality experience on the app. Happy collecting!
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