How It Works

The Global Note is a real-world asset in the form of an exclusive banknote, that can be linked to a digital token in the blockchain to prove ownership. There are two components behind The Global Note, the digital one stored on the blockchain and the real physical banknote that you can own.
Having the digital version of the collectible note gives you entry to the fresh Web3 world, unveiling a digital realm with incredible possibilities—a clear example of tradition and innovation coming together.

Real world asset

Collectors item

Proof ownership

Blockchain efficient

About the banknotes

Immerse yourself in the limitless possibilities of the metaverse while holding a tangible, valuable banknote - a testament to the convergence of tradition and innovation.

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Augmented Reality

Introducing an innovative feature: combining a digital dimension with a physical banknote. This idea goes beyond the usual concept of a collector's item and turns the banknote into a gateway to a unique and personalized experience. The element of interactivity that brings the note to life adds an exciting layer to the concept. Essentially, the banknote acts as a "key" that unlocks hidden content about the featured icon, creating a special and immersive connection for its owner. It's a blend of traditional and digital elements that offer collectors an exciting and engaging experience.

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